2023 latest biomass pellet boiler price

Dec 5, 2022 biomass boiler, Blog
2023 latest biomass pellet boiler price


Biomass boilers are a great source of heat and can be used to heat your home. They are an environmentally friendly way of heating your home, as they use the energy from fuel that has already been created. Biomass boilers work by burning the wood pellets in a furnace or boiler, which provides you with hot water and heat.

What is a biomass pellet boiler?

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A biomass pellet boiler is a heating system that uses the combustion of pellets made from renewable sources such as wood, or agricultural and forestry byproducts. This type of heating system is widely used in Europe, but it has only recently become popular in the United States.

Because these boilers burn fuel that comes from trees, they are considered to be a renewable energy source. The fact that they can be used to generate electricity makes them even more attractive to some people who want their homes to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Biomass pellet boilers work just like any other kind of stove or furnace: they use heat energy from burning pellets (or coal) to provide warmth for your home or business building.

How does a biomass pellet boiler work?

Working principle of biomass pellet boiler

Biomass pellets are burnt in a heat exchanger to generate heat, which is then used to generate steam. The steam spins a turbine, which generates electricity that’s fed into the grid.

Think of it as a sort of reverse-engineered power plant: instead of burning coal or oil to produce energy (which then powers an electrical generator), you can start with renewable biomass and create electricity that way.

Are biomass boilers cheaper to run?

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Biomass boilers are cheaper to run, more efficient, and use less electricity than oil and gas fired boilers.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) can be reduced by using a biomass boiler which also has lower maintenance costs as they are generally not as complex or sensitive to control. Biomass boilers are also cleaner burning than oil or gas-fired boilers, producing fewer emissions and ash when they burn their fuel source.

wood pellet boiler system
wood pellet boiler system

How many pellets does a biomass boiler use?

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The amount of pellets used by a biomass boiler depends on the amount of heat required.

For example, let’s say you have a 50-ton biomass boiler that has been designed for your home. In this case, the average number of gallons of water that will be heated by this boiler is 3 to 4 kg per hour when it is working at full capacity.

However, it is important to understand that this number can vary depending on several factors:

  • The size of the boiler—the larger your boiler, the more fuel you’ll need for it to run efficiently;
  • How much heat you need—if you’re looking for just enough warmth for one room in your house and aren’t planning on heating up multiple rooms at once (i.e., heating an entire house), then less fuel will be required than if all rooms were being heated simultaneously; and
  • How often they are used—if they’re only used occasionally (i.e., once or twice per week), then less fuel may need to be purchased than if they were run continuously throughout each day.

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How long do biomass pellets boiler last?

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Biomass boilers are designed to last for up to 20 years. This is a long time, so it’s important to take care of your boiler and maintain it regularly if you want it to last that long. If you keep your boiler in good condition, it could last for decades—there are plenty of biomass pellet boilers in use today that were installed decades ago!

Is a biomass pellet boiler worth it?

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Biomass boilers are an excellent investment, especially if you’re looking at reducing your carbon footprint. They are a lot cheaper to run than gas or oil boilers, and they produce fewer pollutants. Not only that, but they’re easy to install and can be used for heating as well as hot water.

How much does a biomass pellet boiler cost?

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On the face of it, the price of a biomass boiler can appear fairly significant – particularly in comparison to more conventional gas and oil boilers.

Biomass boiler costs can range from £4,000 to £10,000 for a manual-fed log boiler while automatically-fed pellet boilers may cost between £10,000 and £20,000.

A biomass boiler is a great investment for those who want to save money on their utility bills and make an environmentally friendly choice. It’s not just the cost of the pellets that can vary, but also how much you pay per unit of energy used.

In general, the more efficient your boiler is, the less it will cost to run. This means that if you choose a biomass boiler with a lower efficiency rating than another model with a higher rating (and price), then your fuel bills could be higher in real terms over time.

biomass boilers prices
biomass boilers prices

Compare biomass boiler prices

One of the key factors that influence biomass boiler cost is the manufacturer and model. Leading biomass boiler manufacturers include Viessmann, Froling, Windhager and Grant.

Biomass Boiler Manufacturer Model Potential Cost
Viessmann Vitoligno 300-C £9,000 to £10,000
Froling T4 £8,000 to £14,000
Windhager LogWIN Premium £7,000 to £10,000
Grant Spira £11,000 to £12,500

Find out more in our Complete Guide to Biomass Boilers.

Biomass boilers are one of the cheapest ways to heat your home. They’re also a lot more environmentally friendly than oil or coal because they use waste materials such as timber and straw. And if you live in a rural area where there aren’t any gas mains nearby, then it could be the only affordable option for heating your house.

But what exactly does ‘affordable’ mean? Well it depends on how much fuel costs at your local depot – but here are some rough estimates:

How efficient are biomass boilers?

Biomass boilers have a similar level of efficiency to modern condensing gas and oil boilers. This means they achieve efficiencies of over 90%. Plus, as they don’t burn fossil fuels, you’ll be cutting your carbon footprint too.

If we go back to the popular biomass boilers available on the market, we can see that they’re all highly efficient.

Biomass Boiler Efficiency
Viessmann Vitoligno 300-C Up to 95%
Froling T4 Up to 95%
Windhager LogWIN Premium Up to 92%
Grant Spira Up to 97%

As an added bonus, the ash left behind by the wood can actually be used as fertilizer in the garden. So in that sense, you could be using 100% of the fuel just in different ways.

Biomass boilers are very efficient. They’re more efficient than oil or gas boilers, and they use much less fossil fuel than electric heating systems. This makes them a good option for saving money on your heating bills.


We hope that this article has helped you to understand the benefits of a biomass pellet boiler. If you have any further questions, please contact us today for more information and we will be happy to help!

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