best lpg steam boiler prices list in 2023

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lpg steam boiler

best lpg steam boiler prices list in 2022

LPG steam boiler prices can vary from around £600 to £2,500, depending on your chosen make, model and size (heat output). You also need to include the cost of installation and the additional charge for an LPG storage tank, which you can buy or rent from a supplier. Just be aware that it will cost considerably more if you decide to keep your tank underground.

A LPG boiler is a type of gas boiler that uses liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as its fuel. They’re often used in homes, schools and businesses for central heating. Unlike other types of boilers, LPG boilers are usually cheaper to run but don’t always heat as quickly. However, they can be useful if you have limited space or want something more environmentally friendly than oil-fired boilers.

What is an LPG steam boiler?

best LPG boiler

An LPG boiler is a type of boiler that uses LPG as the fuel. LPG boilers are used in residential and commercial buildings to provide hot water and steam for domestic purposes, industrial processes and heating systems. They are also known as gas boilers.

LPG boilers can be divided into two types: closed-circuit or open-circuit. Closed circuit refers to a system where all components are sealed, while open circuit refers to one where all components will be exposed to the surrounding atmosphere.

Are LPG boilers any good?

lpg boiler service

LPG boilers are a good option if you have access to a gas main or supply. They’re also more efficient than oil boilers, as they convert fuel into heat more efficiently. This means that your home will be warm and cosy without wasting energy or money on unnecessary heat loss through the flue system.

LPG boilers are cheaper to run than electric boilers because you only pay for the amount of gas you use (and not the electricity used by an electric boiler). They’re also cheaper to run than oil boilers because they give off less waste products such as smoke and soot – so there’s no need for expensive air filtration systems in your rooms!

How much is a LPG steam boiler?

LPG steam boiler cost

The cost of a boiler depends on the size of the boiler, efficiency, brand, and model. The more efficient and advanced a LPG gas boiler is, the more expensive it will be. Generally speaking, you can count on paying anywhere between $2000 to $10,000 for a new one. If you’re buying used and refurbished models from sites like eBay or Craigslist then expect to pay far less than that!

The price of a LPG gas boiler is determined by the size, brand, and efficiency. The more efficient and advanced a boiler is, the more expensive it will be. If you’re buying used and refurbished models from sites like eBay or Craigslist then expect to pay far less than that!

high efficiency steam boiler
high efficiency steam boiler

Are LPG steam boilers expensive to run?

LPG gas boiler run cost

The cost of LPG is much lower than electricity, so it’s logical to think that a boiler running on LPG will be cheaper to run. But how much does your average boiler cost to run?

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, the average annual electricity bill for a household has risen by 6% since last year; this is mainly due to rising costs of generation and distribution. In contrast, the price of LPG hasn’t increased over the same period – in fact, it’s fallen slightly!

So while opting for an alternative energy source may seem like a good idea at first glance, it’s important not only to consider how much you’ll spend on replacing your existing heating system but also how much more you’ll have left over at the end of each month once all these costs are taken into account!

The table below enables you to compare just a small selection of LPG-fired boilers and their prices, which include VAT and exclude the cost of installation.

Potterton Assure 25 Combi LPG H – 700 mm W – 390 mm D – 345 mm 25kW 10.2 l/min A £1,026.41
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 618 System LPG H – 720 mm W – 440 mm D – 338 mm 18kW N/A A £1,112.22
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i ErP System LPG H – 710 mm W – 400 mm D – 330 mm 24kW N/A A £1,180.80
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 27Ri ErP Regular LPG H – 600 mm W – 390 mm D – 270 mm 27kW N/A A £1,252.80
Vaillant EcoTEC Plus 832 Combi LPG H – 720 mm W – 440 mm D – 338 mm 32kW 13 l/min A £1,254.77
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 35CDi Classic System LPG H – 760 mm W – 440 mm D – 360 mm 35kW N/A A £1,534.80
Baxi Duo-tec 28 Combi LPG H – 780 mm W – 450 mm D – 345 mm 28kW 11.5 l/min A £1,668.00
Worcester Bosch Greenstar FS 30CDi Floor Standing Regular LPG H – 850 mm W – 400 mm D – 600 mm 30kW N/A A £1,978.47

Please note: Before purchasing a new LPG boiler, you should always consult a Gas Safe heating engineer who can guide you through the replacement process and help you choose the right size boiler for your home. It’s essential that you pick the right size (kW) to ensure the boiler can cope with your demands and work efficiency to keep your fuel bills as low as possible.

What is the difference between a gas boiler and a LPG boiler?

gas boiler vs LPG boiler

The main difference between a gas boiler and a LPG boiler is that the latter is more efficient. This means that it uses less energy to produce the same amount of heat, which helps to cut down on your bills. In addition to being cheaper, gas boilers are also more environmentally friendly than standard electric boilers as they don’t require electricity to operate.

LPG boilers have a longer life span than electric ones, meaning that you won’t have to replace them as often or worry about them breaking during use. They’re also safer because they do not contain any open flames or moving parts; just like using an electric stovetop without having access to power outlets!

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What is the most efficient LPG steam boiler?

high efficiency LPG steam boiler

When it comes to efficiency, there are many factors that affect the overall performance of your boiler. The most important factor is location. If you’re not sure where you should install your LPG steam boiler, here are some things to consider:

  • The size of the unit
  • Whether or not it can be installed properly in its intended location

Whether or not the unit will be able to accommodate all of the pipes required for installation How much space you have available for the unit The type of flooring in your home If you’re not sure whether or not an LPG steam boiler will work in your house, it’s best to consult with a professional.


gas steam boiler
gas steam boiler

How much LPG does a boiler use per hour?

How much LPG does a boiler use per hour?

On average, you can expect to use about 0.11kg of LPG per hour for heating. This amount varies depending on the size and type of boiler you have, as well as what kind of fuel it uses (gas or oil). For example, if your home’s heating system is primarily gas-powered, then it will likely consume more gas than an oil-based one.

How much LPG does a boiler use per day?

The amount of fuel consumed by your boiler will vary from person to person depending on their habits and needs in terms of heating their home—but generally speaking, most people use around 6kgs per day during winter months when they’re using their heating systems regularly throughout the day (and night!).


LPG boilers are a great way to heat your home and reduce your energy bills. They are also very affordable when compared with gas or oil boilers which make them the ideal choice for anyone on a budget. There are many different types of LPG boiler available on the market right now but we recommend going with a condensing boiler as they tend to be more efficient than standard models.

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