Electric Steam Boiler

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Electric Steam Boiler

Electric Steam Boiler is composed of furnace, water supply, self-control, heating and safety protection system. It uses electricity to generate heat and generate steam with a certain pressure. It has the characteristics of convenient use, simple operation, economical and wide application fields.

 Rated thermal power: 0.5-4.0 t/h

 Rated thermal efficiency: 98%

 Pressure: ≤1.25MPa

 Available fuel: electric energy

Advantages of electric steam boilers

  • No pollution, no noiseThe boiler has no combustion chamber, no chimney, no need to consider heat loss, and the thermal efficiency is above 98%.
  • Small footprintAdopt scientific and reasonable design structure and advanced manufacturing process to reduce boiler space and save the use of the site.
  • Multiple protection systemThe boiler has multiple protections such as voltage, water level, power supply and pressure, which is safe and reliable.
  • Long service lifeThe boiler operation period can be set as required, and each heating group can be automatically time-divisionally activated to extend the service life of the equipment.

Electric Steam Boiler Anatomy

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