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If you’re looking to heat your home or business, then you’ve probably heard of thermal oil boilers. A thermal oil boiler is a type of central heating system that works by heating water, which is then circulated through pipes to heat radiators in each room. In this article, we’ll take a look at how these systems work and what advantages they have over other types of boilers.

What is a thermal oil boiler?

thermal oil boiler

A thermal oil boiler is a type of heating system that uses oil as the primary fuel source. A steam boiler, by contrast, does not use oil but rather uses water and other materials to produce steam for heating purposes. The two types differ in construction, operation, use, and maintenance.

How does a thermal oil boiler work?

thermal oil boiler working principle

A thermal oil boiler is a device that heats water, which is then used to heat the air in your home. The system works by passing hot water through a heat exchanger. This process causes the air in your home to become warm as well.

This type of heating system has many advantages over other types, such as:

  • It does not require electricity or natural gas to operate; instead, it uses oil fuel for its operation. Therefore, there are no electrical bills and no need for you to worry about running out of fuel during cold weather seasons such as wintertime when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Because this type of heating system doesn’t need electricity or natural gas in order for it to work properly, they can be installed anywhere there isn’t access to power lines or pipes leading into your home already existent nearby so long as they’re within close proximity distance wise to each other

What is the difference between a thermal oil boiler and a steam boiler?

There are a few key differences between a oil boiler and a steam boiler:

  • Steam boilers are more efficient than thermal oil boilers. Steam boilers have higher efficiencies of up to 90%, while thermal oil boilers usually have efficiencies of no more than 75%. This means that more of your fuel is converted into useful energy in the form of heat.
  • Steam boilers cost more money to purchase and install, which makes them an investment rather than just an expense. If you are looking at saving money on your monthly utility bills, then this may not be the right choice for you.
  • It is easier to maintain, repair or troubleshoot steam boilers because they do not use complex controls like those found on oil systems.[2]
best thermal oil boiler for sale
best thermal oil boiler for sale

What is a thermal oil boiler used for?

Thermal oil boilers, also known as thermal fluid heaters, have a wide range of applications across various industries. The versatility and efficiency of these boilers make them suitable for numerous heating processes. Here are some common applications where thermal oil boilers from Fangkuai Boiler excel:

  1. Industrial Processes: Thermal oil boilers are extensively used in industrial processes that require high temperature heating. They can provide precise and consistent heat for applications such as drying, curing, distillation, and chemical processing.
  2. Food and Beverage Industry: Thermal oil boilers play a crucial role in the food and beverage industry. They are used in processes like cooking, frying, baking, and sterilization, where precise and uniform heating is essential for achieving high-quality products.
  3. Textile Industry: In the textile industry, thermal oil boilers are employed for various processes like dyeing, drying, and printing. These boilers offer precise temperature control and energy efficiency, ensuring the desired quality and minimizing operational costs.
  4. Plywood and Woodworking Industry: Thermal oil boilers are commonly used in plywood and woodworking facilities for applications such as pressing, shaping, and drying of wood products. The stable and controlled heat provided by these boilers ensures efficient and consistent production.
  5. Energy and Power Plants: Thermal oil boilers are utilized in energy and power plants as a heat source for steam generation. They can be integrated with existing power systems or used as standalone units, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

The above applications are just some examples of how thermal oil boilers can be used in various industries. Fangkuai Boiler offers a wide range of high-quality thermal oil boilers, designed to meet specific industry requirements and deliver reliable and efficient heating solutions. Whether your application is in the food, textile, or any other industry, Fangkuai Boiler has the expertise and experience to provide you with the right thermal oil boiler solution.

How much is a thermal oil boiler?

thermal oil boiler price

As with any large appliance, the cost of an oil boiler varies depending on the brand, size, and capacity. You can expect to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 on an industrial-sized unit. Likewise, smaller residential models will likely range from $2,500 to $10,000. When shopping for a heat transfer oil boiler for your home or business, consider how much space it will take up in your building and whether or not you need some extra equipment like piping or ventilation systems as well.

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What are the disadvantages of thermal oil boilers?

Thermal oil boilers have many advantages, including high energy efficiency, precise and reliable heating, and versatility in various industries. However, there are also some potential disadvantages to consider. One significant drawback of thermal oil boilers is their potential for high operating pressure and temperature, requiring adequate safety measures and regular maintenance. Additionally, thermal oil boilers can accumulate deposits and degradation over time, leading to reduced efficiency, decreased heat transfer, and increased costs. Finally, thermal oil boilers can also result in high capital and installation costs, which can be an obstacle for some applications.

In conclusion, while thermal oil boilers offer many benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. These include high pressure and temperature requirements, the need for regular maintenance, potential increases in cost due to deposits and degradation, and high capital and installation expenses. However, with proper safety measures, maintenance, and operation, thermal oil boilers can be an efficient and reliable form of heating across various industries.

thermal oil Boiler for sale
thermal oil Boiler for sale

Is a thermal oil boiler expensive to run?

The cost of running a thermal oil boiler can vary depending on several factors such as the fuel type, efficiency of the boiler, and current fuel prices. While it is difficult to provide an exact cost without specific information, it’s generally considered that thermal oil boilers have relatively lower operating costs compared to other heating options.

In terms of fuel, oil-fired heating systems, including thermal oil boilers, can have a running cost of around 8.7p to 10.8p per kWh. This cost comparison suggests that running a thermal oil boiler can be more cost-effective than other options such as gas heating. It is worth noting that energy prices and efficiency levels may vary, so it’s essential to consider the specific details of your setup and consult with industry professionals for accurate estimations.


If you are looking to save money on your heating costs, then a thermal oil boiler is a great option. They have very low operating costs, which means they will save you money on your energy bills, especially if they are used in commercial applications.

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