2023 Must-Have Diesel Boiler Buying Guide

2022 Must-Have Diesel Boiler Buying Guide


If you live in a home that uses gas or electricity, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the different types of boilers from an energy standpoint. But what about those who have diesel boilers?

It’s important to understand how your boiler works and why it was installed. The efficiency of your heating system can also play a big role in how much money you spend on running costs per year. In this article, we’ll look at how efficient diesel boilers are compared to gas and electric; discuss what they cost; and explain whether they’re cheaper or more expensive to run than other types of central heating.

What is a diesel boiler?

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A diesel boiler, also known as a fuel oil heater or engine burner, is a device that uses diesel fuel to heat water. This can be done with an external combustion engine or by internal combustion.

Diesel boilers are used in homes and businesses around the world to provide heating and hot water. They’re versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for heat generation in both residential and commercial settings. The most common type of diesel boiler is the low-pressure, indirect water heater (LP-IWH). These types of boilers use a fan coil unit (FCU) to circulate warm air throughout a building’s ductwork system. They’re usually found in apartments or multi-unit dwellings where there isn’t enough room inside each apartment for its own HVAC system—like when you live in an apartment building without central air conditioning!

Another type of diesel boiler is high-pressure direct fire (HP-DF). HP-DFs are more commonly found on construction sites because these units have fast startup times so they’re well suited for quick heating needs like those experienced during summer months when temperatures rise rapidly given no humidity levels present; this results in rapid evaporation rates which cannot be compensated adequately through air conditioning alone!

How does a diesel boiler work?

Working principle of diesel boiler

A diesel boiler is a heating system that uses the combustion of diesel fuel to heat water. The heat generated by this process is transferred to a heat exchanger, which heats incoming cold water and transfers its energy into the home, pool, or business. A typical domestic installation will use an oil-fired boiler with a gas-fired hot water cylinder fitted on top of it (the ‘top up’ cylinder) which provides instant backup when required – essential in colder months when there may not be enough hot water being produced by the main boiler.

There are many types of oil-fired boilers available and all have their own unique features so you should seek advice from your supplier on what will best suit your needs and budget before making a purchase.

How efficient is a diesel boiler?

diesel boiler efficiency

Diesel boilers are more efficient than gas boilers which means they use less fuel per hour and therefore cost you less to run. They’re also easier to maintain because they don’t need regular maintenance as oil burner systems do.

diesel steam boiler prices
diesel steam boiler prices

How much does a diesel boiler cost?

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The cost of a diesel boiler depends on factors including size, brand, and quality. The total lifetime cost of running a new Boiler will be significantly higher than an equivalent second-hand model.

The design and materials used in your home will also affect its energy efficiency rating (EER), which indicates how well it is able to conserve energy. For example, if you live in an older home with single-glazing windows or inefficient radiators then upgrading these could save you money while improving comfort levels too!

How much oil does a diesel boiler use per day?

diesel boiler fuel consumption

Now that you know how much oil a diesel boiler uses per hour, let’s break it down even further: How much oil does a diesel boiler use per day?

In order to calculate this number, you’ll need to add up all of your daily energy consumption. This includes the amount of energy used by both your boiler and hot water heater (if applicable). Then, multiply that figure by 24 hours; that will give you an estimate of how many liters of fuel will be required daily. If we go back to our example from earlier—a house with a four-ton heating system—that would mean approximately 33 liters of fuel per day.

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Is it cheaper to run diesel or gas?

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Diesel is definitely more efficient, but gas is cheaper. So which one do you choose?

If you’re looking for a boiler that’s cheap to run, then gas could be your best bet. It also generates fewer emissions than diesel and has a lower carbon footprint—which means your house will be cleaner and greener. But if the price isn’t an issue and reliability is your biggest concern, then diesel might be the better choice since it can last up to 10 times longer than its counterpart.

That said: don’t go out and buy a new boiler just yet! Before making any decision about whether or not to go with gas vs. diesel heating systems in your home (or anywhere else), call us today at 0086 18838908339 nationwide for expert advice on which type of heating system would work best for you.

oil boiler for sale
oil boiler for sale

What type of boiler is the cheapest to run?

Now that you know the basics of how boilers work, it’s time to find out which type of boiler will work best for your needs. The most important factor in choosing a boiler is cost. While gas may be the cheapest fuel to run, diesel is more efficient and oil can save you a lot of money over time.

To help decide what makes sense for your home, consider these three factors:

  • The cost of running a unit depends on the type of fuel used and whether or not it uses electricity as well. For example, if your area has natural gas hookups but no electricity available outside (or vice versa), it may be expensive to get everything hooked up enough so that one system works together properly—and those costs won’t show up until later when bills start arriving! Therefore
  • Efficiency matters because less energy used means lower monthly bills; however efficiency doesn’t matter if there isn’t enough energy needed by other appliances already installed such as refrigerators and stoves etcetera within reachable distance from each other since they’d still need power regardless even though this would mean less overall savings per month due simply because heating costs are reduced significantly due primarily towards being able to heat just with hot water rather than both hot water & steam at once


Diesel boilers are the most efficient and cost-effective type of boiler. They have low operating costs and high-efficiency levels that make them ideal for commercial use. For residential customers, it may be less expensive to heat your home with natural gas than it would be to run a diesel boiler throughout the year. However, if you want to save money on your heating bill while also reducing emissions and improving air quality, then switching over from propane or natural gas could be worth considering as well!

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