oil boiler replacement cost

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oil boiler replacement cost

oil boiler replacement cost

A oil boiler replacement cost could range from $3,800 to a maximum of $7,500. They work well in small and large homes and come with some serious benefits compared to other heating sources. Find the best HVAC contractors in your area.

Oil boilers are a common type of heating appliance. They use the energy from burning oil to heat water and create hot water for your home. But then, why do you need an oil boiler replacement? If you have an old boiler that’s nearing the end of its life or isn’t working properly, it might be time to think about replacing it with a new one. There are tons of benefits associated with having a brand-new oil boiler installed in your home – including better efficiency and lower running costs. However, if you decide not to replace your system but rather repair it instead, there are ways that can help prolong its lifespan as well as lower maintenance costs.

What is an oil boiler?

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  • An oil boiler is a type of heating system that uses oil to produce heat and hot water. Oil boilers can be installed in both new homes, as well as existing properties.
  • The most common use for an oil boiler is to replace gas systems, or provide additional hot water for larger households.
  • In recent years, these systems have become increasingly popular because they are cheaper to run than other types of heating systems such as electric or LPG boilers.
  • For example: You will typically pay around £150 per year less in fuel costs if you switch from an electric or LPG system onto an oil one!

Do you need an oil boiler replacement?

If you are reading this, I imagine that you are at least a little bit concerned about your oil boiler. If your boiler is older than 10 years old, it may be time to replace it. If your boiler is more than 20 years old, then it’s definitely time to replace it. And if your oil boiler is more than 30 years old, then yes—I’m sorry but I have bad news: You will need to replace your oil boiler immediately!

high efficiency oil boiler prices
high efficiency oil boiler prices

Oil boiler prices

Oil boiler prices

Oil boilers tend to be more expensive and install than gas boilers, but they’re also more efficient and can be cheaper to run in the long-term.

Because you’ll want an oil boiler that’s as efficient as possible, it’s worth paying a little extra for one from a reputable company like Pelican Energy.

Gas boilers are great for heating large homes or offices, but they’re not as efficient as oil boilers. If you have a smaller home or office, you may be better off with an oil boiler that’s more compact and easier to install.

How much does oil boiler installation cost?

oil boiler installation cost

The cost of oil boiler installation will depend on the size of your new boiler and the number of radiators it needs to heat. The bigger the boiler, the greater its capacity for heating, so larger boilers tend to be more expensive.

A good quality oil-fired condensing boiler with an output of up to 35kW might cost around £1,500 installed. A typical 30kW condensing or non-condensing gas-fired system could cost between £3,000 and £4,000 in London (depending on how many radiators it’s required to heat). A 55kW condensing bi-fuel system would set you back around £5,000 if you’re based in London.

Oil boiler running costs

  • Oil boilers can be more expensive to run than other heating systems. They are often the most efficient method of heating your home, but this doesn’t mean they’re cheap.
  • You can reduce the running costs of your oil boiler by using a timer or thermostat to regulate when you use it. This will save money in two ways: firstly, by reducing the amount of time that the system is running; and secondly, by reducing how much fuel is used during each period of operation.
  • You can also reduce the running costs of an oil boiler by using a heat pump instead of a traditional means of heating water (such as radiators).

Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one area to another. For example, they can transfer heat from outside air into your home and vice versa. This means that they don’t have to burn fuel as they do when using a traditional heating system.

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Best oil boiler brands and prices

Best oil boiler brands

  • Best brands: Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Saunier Duval.
  • Price: The prices of oil boilers range from £1,500 for a basic model to £4,000 for a high-specification product. You can also find packages that combine boiler replacement with other elements of your heating system such as radiators or valves. If you’re replacing an existing boiler with a new one then you will need to factor this into your budget as well as any extras such as installing an additional flue to vent the gases safely away from the house or require extra pipework in order for the new system to function at its best capacity

What size oil boiler do you need?

  • Determine the size of your home
  • Size of your home: The first step to deciding what kind of oil boiler you need is to figure out the size of your home. How many square feet do you have? If it’s more than 2,000 sq ft, there are a few things that need to be considered before making a decision on which type of oil boiler is best for you. For example, if it’s large enough for several bedrooms and bathrooms or if it has multiple levels with lots of rooms on each level then perhaps those would make a room type oil boiler more appealing. On the other hand if all the rooms are small in square footage then maybe an under counter model would be better suited for you at this time because they tend not take up as much space as other options like floor standing models do

Advantages and disadvantages of oil boilers

Oil boilers have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage is that they are less expensive to install than other types of heating systems. Oil boilers also require less maintenance than other systems, making them suitable for those who are not handy or DIY enthusiasts.

The main disadvantage of oil boilers is that they produce a lot of noise because oil boilers use fans to push air through the system to distribute heat throughout your home. This means that you may hear loud noises from time to time when your boiler operates properly, which could be an issue if you live in close quarters with others who might be bothered by this type of sound pollution (e.g., family members or roommates).

Another disadvantage is that oil boilers aren’t as efficient at transferring heat as other kinds because they don’t use ductwork like traditional furnaces do; instead, they rely on convection currents generated by fans inside units themselves. As such

Alternatives to oil boiler replacement

oil boiler replacement cost

If you are considering a replacement for your oil boiler, there are several alternatives that can save you money and reduce carbon emissions:

  • Gas boilers. Using gas as a heating source is generally cheaper than oil and requires less maintenance. However, it does emit more carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour of heat produced than renewables such as solar power or biomass boilers.
  • Solar heating systems. Rather than generating heat from burning fossil fuels, solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that runs an electric boiler or pump to provide hot water for your home’s radiators and baths. This generates no emissions but comes at the expense of high initial installation costs—though these decrease over time as the system pays for itself through reduced energy bills (a typical cost of about £1 million will be recouped after 15 years).
  • Air source heat pumps, which use refrigerant gases like ammonia or propane instead of water to transfer heat throughout your home—meaning they’re also highly efficient when used with renewable energy sources like wind turbines or hydroelectric power stations.

This last option isn’t really feasible unless you live in an area where there’s plenty of wind or water power available nearby; but even if not all its promises come true in practice (it may not reach its projected lifetime efficiency rate), an air source system could still save money compared with conventional heating methods while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 90 percent compared with conventional fossil fuel boilers


For many people, oil boilers have been a great way to heat their homes. But they’re starting to lose their appeal as new technologies come on the market. It could be time for you to think about getting rid of your old system and upgrading to something that will suit your lifestyle better. If this sounds like something worth looking into then check out our guide on how much does an oil boiler replacement cost? Or if you want more information before making any decisions then head over here now!

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